coke adds life

We tend to glorify cocaine and all her shimmery trappings. And why not? Cocaine wakes you up, makes you feel powerful, makes you smarter, makes your libido skyrocket, makes everyone like you, makes everything easier andÉ excuse me for a moment won't youÉ Snnnnorrrtttt!É makes you more handsome/beautiful, replaces sleep, makes you skinnier, makes you money, makes you a GodÉ Oh, excuse me again for just a sec, okay?É What?!É Shit, I'm out!!É What the fuck am I going to do?!É Fuck!!!!!É Do you know anyone?É Can we call them right now?ÉIs it usually pretty good?É Jesus!... Thank you!É You're my new best friendÉ Hey, can you spot me $60?

- The Boost (1988)--James Woods and Sean Young star in this excruciating 100-mile-an-hour plummet straight into hell. James plays a hotshot salesman who drags his wife to 1980s L.A. to make their fortune. An onslaught of cocaine and unsurprising bad decisions leaves James amidst the kind of emptiness only a grueling coke-habit can provide. Following post-production of this film, a spun-out Sean Young began stalking James Woods, forcing him to file a restraining order against her. Behold the on-screen chemistry!

- Blow (2001)--In the seventies, if you did coke, there was an 85 percent chance it came from George Jung. Johnny Depp goes far to make his portrayal of Jung super believable in this fact-based biography. We see Jung start out dealing marijuana (the gateway drug) around California, eventually hooking up with a cartel that imports most of the cocaine in America--and that's a lot. The subsequent downward spiral will leave you momentarily wondering where your coke comes from.

- Less Than Zero (1987)--In a frightening role that would eerily foreshadow real life events, Robert Downey Jr. plays Julian, a rich kid who buries himself under a mammoth pile of blow and debauchery. Based loosely on the book by Bret Easton Ellis, Less than Zero defined an era and would appropriately pigeonhole Robert Downey (addict) and James Spader (creep) forever. LANCE CHESS