What has Kelly McGillis been doing since she charmed the pants off Tom Cruise in Top Gun and proved in Witness that Amish people can be naked, too? Well, in addition to starring in 15-20 forgettable films, she owns a restaurant in Key West and is currently wowing Ottawa as Mrs. Robinson in the touring production of The Graduate. A likeable, Julliard-trained actress, McGillis never quite "took" like Meg Ryan or Margot Kidder--I fear dinner theater can't be too far off.

¥ Winter People (1988)--Only for the diehard McGillis fans (if there are any), this yawner takes place in Depression-era rural Virginia, when people were named "Gudger," and phrases like "You always plow your own furrow" meant "You're a free thinker." Kelly is the best of the bunch (Kurt Russell and Lloyd Bridges costar), though her redneck drawl needs more coaching. And how come she's the only one in town with an accent?

¥ Made in Heaven (1987)--Evidently, Heaven is much like Oregon--a little hazy, everyone speaks English, and there's only one black person. McGillis plays a "new soul" (born in Heaven) who falls for "new arrival" (former Earthling) Tim Hutton, whispering once, during the throes of the freak-nasty, the memorable sweet nothing "I'm so glad you died." It becomes stupider--or perhaps just too ambitious--and voiceovers make it nearly unbearable. Watch it for Kelly's Ts and Tim's A, as well as what-the-fuck cameos by The Cars' Ric Ocasek as a car mechanic and Tom Petty as a bar owner named Stanky.

¥ At First Sight (1999)--Twelve years later, McGillis is back in a RomDram, yet this time she's got top billing. Val Kilmer (who is blind and blond) and Mira Sorvino are the couple; McGillis is his overprotective (and bitter) sister. A loathsome movie becomes offensive as soon as Nathan motherfucking Lane appears in as Kilmer's "visual therapist." I dare you to watch this film. WILL GARDNER