Post-War of the Worlds, I found myself powerless to resist spending money I didn't have to get Spielberg DVDs I didn't need. Part of it was that I was still stoked from the dark fun of Worlds, but the other part was I needed to remind myself that Worlds, while pretty cool, is hardly indicative of Spielberg's best summer blockbusters.

Jaws (1975)--It's just one of the best movies ever made: Taut, smart, funny, and scary. (I've probably seen it 10 times, and I still jumped--twice--the last time I watched it. That fucking shark is intense.) Aside from a beautiful film-to-DVD transfer, the 30th Anniversary Edition, two-disc DVD set boasts an exhaustive two-hour documentary on Jaws' chaotic filming process and old interviews with a clearly over his head, then 26-year-old Spielberg.

Jurassic Park (1993)--Dinosaurs are just plain rad, and they've never been radder than in Spielberg's first Jurassic--a film that my 13-year-old self saw so many times that I've still got it memorized. But the most fascinating thing on the DVD is what--way back in '93--would have been a bland documentary on the making of the film. But watching the doc now--with Jurassic's then-revolutionary, then-risky CG effects having remade the entire industry--is a trip. Also worth checking out: Tests of how Spielberg was originally planning to animate the dinos, via stop-motion animation.

Indiana Jones Trilogy (1981, 1984, 1989)--Spielberg and George Lucas' ultimate popcorn flicks are presented in a four-disc set, with the films in crystal-clear clarity and a bonus disc of documentaries. A still-excited Spielberg-Lucas team waxes nostalgic about Indy's origins (007 movies and pulp novels), successes (Raiders of the Lost Ark) and failures (Temple of Doom, anyone?). And, of course, there're plenty of vague promises for the long-delayed Indy 4. Just make it already, assholes! Harrison Ford's practically living in a retirement home, for chrissakes.