The rush hour drive to Vancouver was a test of nerves, but to their credit, the guys who created Cars—one of the internet's funniest viral videos—immediately poured me a cocktail upon arrival. They were watching Stand by Me when I arrived, which was fitting: I'd just watched their video Ray Brower's Fart Harmonies, a fake commercial for a music compilation starring that dead kid from Stand by Me who farts out hit songs like Color Me Badd's "I Wanna Sex You Up" and the Cranberries' "Zombie." Earlier in the month, comedian Patton Oswalt called it the "the dumbest fucking thing [he'd] ever seen."

Filmmaker Bobby Hacker and his crew of childhood friends are the darlings of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's website, where their video Cars became an instant meme. Cars and its follow-up, Cars II, star Travis Jones as a psychopathic car salesman who shoots lightning from his hands and violently demands that you "get out your fuckin' checkbook!" and head down to Funtown Auto. Both videos clock in under the two-minute mark, but what Hacker & Co. accomplish during those riotous, surreal minutes is amazing.

Patton Oswalt thinks so, too. A huge fan of Cars and Cars II, Oswalt recently approached Hacker to premiere the nearly feature-length Cars III in LA. Oswalt had yet to see the film—in fact, Hacker had yet to shoot it. But seven weeks later, the cast of Cars stood onstage while Oswalt introduced the audience to the brilliant strangeness that is Cars III.

Once again set at Funtown Auto, Cars III follows Jones' used-car salesman as he makes a deal with the devil and must sell a Mercury Topaz. And then: a talking bloody belly button, a rap about recycling, dead burned lesbians, and the car lot's terrifying mascot, whose nostrils dispense nunchucks.

It's hilarious, and watching it on the internet doesn't do it justice. Luckily, the local comedy crew has mysteriously promised "a filling event" on Monday, November 3, which will include stand-up comedy and screenings of all three Cars films. Get out your fuckin' checkbook! For more info, see Movie Times on pg. 47 and hit