The only film festival schedule you'll ever need!

General Admission: $7, Members: $6, Group Rate (15 or more in advance only; Sun-Thu screenings only): $5 Children (12 and under): $4, Special admissions as noted. Festival passes and advance tickets for all programs are on sale daily, 11 am to 7 pm, February 1-23, in the lobby of the Portland Art Museum North Wing (Masonic Temple), 1119 SW Park Avenue at Madison. Advance tickets are sold up until 6 pm on the day of the screening; on weekend days, tickets will stop being sold one hour prior to showtime. Same day tickets are then only available at the theater 30 minutes before showtime.

Schedule & Ticket Info: Northwest Film Center: 221-1156 or

C Guild Theatre, SW 9th and Taylor
D Regal Broadway Cinemas, SW Broadway at Main
B Whitsell Auditorium, Portland Art Museum, SW Park and Madison

Thursday the 14th
6:00 D Naughty Little Peeptoe (New Zealand)
6:30 D Chronically Unfeasible (Brazil)
7:00 B Baran (Iran)
7:00 C Kira's Reason (Denmark)
8:15 D Friend (South Korea)
8:45 D Abandoned (Hungary)
9:00 C Playing Swede (Cuba)

Friday the 15th
6:30 D Under the Skin (Iran)
7:00 D The Independent (USA)
7:00 C The Son's Room (Italy)
7:00 B The Piano Teacher (Austria/France)
8:30 D Parallel Worlds (Czech Republic)
9:15 B Rain (New Zealand)
9:30 C Left Side of the Fridge (Canada)
9:45 D Possible Loves (Brazil)

Saturday the 16th
1:00 D Kira's Reason (Denmark)
1:30 D Little Crumb (Netherlands)
2:00 C Broken Silence (Spain)
2:00 B Much Ado About Something (Australia)
3:15 D The Bank (Australia)
4:30 D Daresalam (Chad)
4:30 B The Struma (Canada)
4:30 C The Son's Room (Italy)
6:45 D Pauline and Paulette (Belgium)
7:00 B And Your Mother Too (Mexico)
7:15 D Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Japan)
7:15 C Late Marriage (Israel)
8:45 D Last Orders (Britain)
9:15 B The Independent (USA)
9:45 D Under the Skin (Iran)
9:30 C The River (Finland)

Sunday the 17th
1:00 D Chronically Unfeasible (Brazil)
1:15 C Short Cuts II
1:30 D Ikingut (Iceland)
3:30 D Pauline and Paulette (Belgium)
4:30 D I Love Beijing (China)
4:00 C Last Orders (Britain)
4:30 B Time Out (France)
5:30 D Broken Silence (Spain)
7:00 C The Tunnel (Germany)
7:00 B The Struma (Canada)
7:30 D Parallel Worlds (Czech Republic)
8:00 D Violet Perfume (Mexico)

Monday the 18th
6:00 D Daresalam (Chad)
6:00 C The Struma (Canada)
6:30 D The Bank (Australia)
7:00 B And Your Mother Too (Mexico)
8:30 C Short Cuts II
8:30 D I Love Beijing (China)
8:45 D Possible Loves (Brazil)

Tuesday the 19th
6:00 D Ikingut (Iceland)
6:30 D Warm Water Under a Red Bridge (Japan)
6:30 B Violet Perfume (Mexico)
7:15 C How Harry Became a Tree (Ireland)
8:30 D Playing Swede (Cuba)
8:30 B Nykke (Netherlands)
9:00 D Naughty Little Peeptoe (New Zealand)

Wednesday the 20th
6:00 D The River (Finland)
6:30 D Broken Silence (Spain)
7:00 B Greed (Germany)
7:15 C Lawless Heart (Britain)
8:15 D Abandoned (Hungary)
8:45 D Under the Moonlight (Iran)