The Portland Documentary and eXperimental Film Fest (better known, and less annoyingly capitalized, as the PDX Film Fest) wraps up this weekend, and they saved the best events for last.

Chief on the "don't miss" list is the Peripheral Produce Invitational (Sat May 3 at the Hollywood). The centerpiece of the fest, this "world championship of experimental cinema" features "a select group of competitors" who are invited to "produce a brand-new film, video, or cinematic presentation never before seen in Portland." Past Invitationals have seen performances in which 12 projectors ran at once, or ones in which the audience was filmed as they entered so they could star in a film shown later in the evening, and ones that utilized 400 audience-operated View-Masters (Portland filmmaker Vladimir won two years in a row for her communal View-Master screenings, and she just got interviewed in The Believer's film issue).

But there's other stuff going on, including the Experimental Filmmaker Karaoke Throwdown (Fri May 2 at galleryHomeland), in which audience members will get to sing to experimental karaoke videos; a screening of the animated mind-bender Cartune Xprez: Senseless (Sun May 4 at the Hollywood); short works from Andy Blubaugh and Matt McCormick; and the latest from Craig Baldwin, Mock Up on Mu, a promising-sounding mash-up of sci-fi, western, and horror. Have at it, fans of experimental cinema. For more info, see Film shorts on pg. 52, Movie Times on pg. 55, and