Tiny Picture Club presents Fairy Tales
Wed Sept 12
Mission Theatre

Like keepsakes, the Tiny Picture Club makes Super 8 films so precocious you want to put them in your pocket. There is an energy that generates from the group of friends/Super 8 aficionados, and every film they show glows from the inside, even if some of them are a little rough around the edges. At Tiny Picture Club screenings, there's almost a guarantee you will leave feeling happy, because their films are so sweet and light-hearted.

For each program, the collective chooses a universal theme, and each member interprets it via Super 8, how he or she wishes, be it through animation, traditional narrative, or experiment. Past themes have included "Dreams," "Love," and "Sci-Fi." The current theme is "Fairy Tales," and the films (about 15 of them) showcase exactly how diverse and lovely their techniques are, with literal, humorous, and abstract versions of different Fairy Tales. Jeremy Sedita's "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" becomes a parody of postmodernism, for instance, with Goldilocks identified by a T-Shirt that reads "Girl," and blocky letters that narrate the story. "Red: Ridin' in the Hood," by Sam Artman, is a very short take on what might happen if Red and the Big Bad Wolf were down with each other. On the other hand, Tracy Wuster's excellent use of collage and stop-motion for the Brothers Grimm's "Mrs. Gertrude," ends up being very pretty and macabre, and a little scary. Other scary entries: in Brian Yazzi's "Every Chap has its Peng," a marionette takes on a doll-headed jabberwocky to save his little penguin friend, and in Elliot Vanskike's "Fear of Clowns," a creepy little clown doll has some devious plans.

Again, the members of the Tiny Picture Club are serious about what they do, but they aren't willing to sacrifice audience enjoyment for their craft. Most of all, it's obvious in these films that there is a sort of pure joy they take in making them. That's conveyed best when you leave their shows feeling really warm, like they just shared something special with you. It's not spectacularly high art, but how often is high art carefree? The Tiny Picture Club puts a lot of work and love into making sure you'll have a fun time.