Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy
dir. Gill
Opens Fri, March 1
Cinema 21

What's your impression of Ron Jeremy? That he's a porn star, a cheap sleazy slob, and that he has a ten-inch dick? And what does this documentary say about him? Well, he's cheap, sleazy, a big eater, and fame-obsessed. He's been in 1800 porn films, can keep a hard-on for four hours, and his friends say nice things about him, but don't actually seem to like him that much.

Basically, Ron Jeremy is exactly what you'd expect. The filmmaker alludes to his fucked-up personality traits--self-centeredness, an inability to love others, and a desperate insecurity--but you never really see these traits play out. There is an extremely patronizing scene where RJ--because of his continued porno career--is getting his monthly AIDS test. It's like when Janeane Garafalo is waiting for her results in Reality Bites, except you don't care at all, and you know he'll be negative--as if RJ would allow documentation of his positive AIDS test.

As you may have noticed, Ron has been touring around a lot with his sexy sideshow because, as we realize in Porn Star, he NEEDS attention more than anything. That's why this documentary was made--because some poor schlup gave him what he wanted. Sadly, though, Ron the legend is a lot more compelling than Ron the man.

In conveying anything new or poignant, the film is a complete failure. The interviewees are baffoons and, due to his double chin dominating all his shots, RJ is hard to take seriously. However, hearing how Ron got into the porno biz, seeing him doted on and fucked by plastic women, and being amazed by how incredibly good looking he was in his hysterical '70s and '80s porn films, makes Porn Star worth it. Actually, now I'm really psyched to rent Fuck Pigs, and All the Way In, which includes a performance that won RJ Best Supporting Actor in 1984 from the Adult Film Association.