Broadcast Open Video Screening
Thurs December 6
It's a Beautiful Pizza

"I dropped out of high school and was into video production, but there was no venue to show it other than to my parents," says Peter Bauer, creator of Broadcast, a local film event in which anyone can show their movie, provided it's on videotape. (However, this qualification is only due to equipment limitations; if you bring a projector, Bauer is more than happy to show your film.) Broadcast used to be held at the wonderful, community-focused Martial Art Gallery, but it ended when Martial Art was shut down and replaced by the new "upscale-ish" bar, Tube. Recently, however, Bauer revived the event.

"It's weird trying to figure out what category [Broadcast] would go under, cause it's not a film festival, and it's not a poetry reading or music, it's just this different thing that doesn't really fit anywhere," he says. "It's not a competition, and it's not like cable access. But there are other directors there who can give you feedback or brainstorm or work together, people who can act in your movie if you need them."

Bauer became disillusioned with the film festival circuit, frustrated that he couldn't enter his videos because he didn't use any original music. He got the idea to create Broadcast because "I just wanted to create a space for people to show videos where they don't have to worry about copyright violations or winning. I wanted to inspire people to make videos more often."

Although Broadcast is just being revived, Bauer has big dreams for it, influenced in part by the non-traditional schools he's attended, including New Jersey's Tracker School. "One of my goals with Broadcast is to try to turn it into a nonprofit and write grants so we can get equipment to loan or check out to people," says Bauer. "It'll be completely free. Well, I have a donation bin, because I make a lot of copies. But my goal is to create a school that is free where people can learn to manipulate culture through art."

The screening begins at 6 pm, but arrive a little early to sign up to show your video. To join Broadcast's mailing list, email