God, the previews for The Brothers Solomon have been terrible, right? Hammy and generic, they're advertising a film that looks like it should go straight to DVD: "Hey, look, morons!" the announcer practically proclaims. "Look at these two socially retarded brothers who're trying to have a baby with some lady! But since they're socially retarded—remember?—all sorts of ca-ray-zeee stuff happens!" Enter a rimshot here, a slapstick pratfall there, and sum it up with a tagline that might as well be "It's like Knocked Up... but for dumb people!"

So yeah, The Brothers Solomon IS pretty much Knocked Up for dumb people. The plot's more or less the same (a smart, cute lady gets impregnated by a doofus—or, in this case, doofi, played by SNL's Will Forte and Arrested Development's hilarious Will Arnett), but the cast is less likeable and the filmmaking is sloppier. Make no mistake: If you're wondering if buying a ticket for The Brothers Solomon could be classified as "a good way to spend eight dollars," the answer is "no," or possibly "No!" and I urge you to consider what else you could do with that sweet, sweet cash: Patronize your local liquor store! Buy a peck on the cheek from an affable hooker! Purchase an incredibly small amount of cocaine! Or just light a five and three ones on fire and pretend, for a few brief but joyous seconds, that you're a devil-may-care billionaire who can burn money whenever you goddamn well feel like it!

However! If you can use your ninja skillz to outwit the bored, acne-pickin' teenagers who're currently staffing your local Regal Cinemas, go on ahead and sneak into The Brothers Solomon after you see something that is worth eight bucks—because while it's hardly as good as eight dollars' worth of cocaine, the movie's definitely worth sitting through for free. For one thing, it's way funnier than the previews would lead you to believe: Written by Forte and directed by Mr. Show's Bob Odenkirk, the overlong, uneven The Brothers Solomon is nonetheless clever, and—like the best sketches on Mr. Show—pretty fearless when it comes to doing weird shit for laughs. Here, there are jokes that last for like 15 minutes (getting funnier and stranger as they go); there are jokes about fat women getting hit by busses; there are jokes involving dead birds and deader babies; and there are, yes, jokes that have Forte and Arnett luring kids into their car like creepy pedophiles. In the film's best, weirdest moments, Forte, Arnett, and Odenkirk totally commit to The Brothers Solomon's goofy premise and surreal execution. Are those moments worth eight dollars? Oh, no! But that's why it's a good thing it's so easy to sneak into other movies at multiplexes. Thanks, disgruntled teen employees of Regal Cinemas, Inc.!