Adam Brody has one character, and that's Seth Cohen. For those buried beneath the pop culture rock, Seth Cohen was the breakout character on The O.C.—an insecure, indie-pop/comics-loving nerdling who, through sheer force of will, bagged the hottest girl in Orange County. Now that The O.C. is kaput, Brody has found a new home, playing Seth Cohen in feature films. However, I will only accept so much Seth—and when he's featured in a film that shows him KISSING MEG RYAN? Sorry. Humpy don't play that.

If you've seen Garden State and the Timothy Hutton-weeper Beautiful Girls, you already know the path we're about to take. Insecure LA nerdling Seth (here named Carter) gets dumped by his hot girlfriend and inexplicably heads to suburban Michigan to babysit his ailing grandmother (a creepy Olympia Dukakis). Across the street lives mopey housefrau Meg Ryan, and her daughters, the predictably sullen teen Lucy, and the predictably precocious pre-teen Paige. Seth inexplicably strikes up a DEEP friendship with all three, and ends up making out with two of them. Join me if you will... EWWW!

Director Jon Kasdan is the son of director Lawrence Kasdan, which explains OH, so much. This Lifetime weeper smacks of Big Chill-iness and is extremely Grand Canyon-esque in its insistence that only perfect strangers can soothe our internal emotional damage. Not that In the Land of Women is a complete mess, but I just can't shake the sight of Seth kissing Meg Ryan. He really should've stayed with Summer. (That's the hot chick I was telling you about from The O.C., and... oh... nevermind.)