Thursday, August 21 9:00 ABC EXTREME MAKEOVER Kind of like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, if the queers cut your face up.

9:00 VH1 I LOVE THE '70S KISS, Charlie's Angels, the Muppets, Starsky & Hutch and more are featured in this episode documenting 1976!


August 22 8:00 CBS PAPER MOON--Movie (1973) Ryan and Tatum O'Neal star in this Oscar winning flick about a father-daughter con team in the '30s.

10:30 SCI SCARE TACTICS A magic store employee nearly craps his pants after discovering he's being stalked by a creepy clown!


August 23 8:00 NBC FALL PREVIEW SHOW NBC trots out a peek at their fall lineup of crap, starring Rob Lowe, Alicia Silverstone, and the increasingly unfunny Whoopi Goldberg.

8:30 MTV THE WADE ROBSON PROJECT Britney Spears' choreographer FINALLY gets his own reality show. Yeah, but where's the show for the kid who bags Carson Daly's groceries?

Sunday, August 24 10:00 COURT SMOKING GUN TV The Daily Show's Mo Rocca hosts this funny look at celebrity fuck-ups!



An uptight and alright look at the history of African Americans on TV. Dyn-o-mite!

Monday, August 25 9:00 FOOD UNWRAPPED A documentary on the EZ Bake Oven. How could you not be interested in this? You can bake a freakin' CAKE with a light bulb!!

Tuesday, August 26 8:00 FOX PERFORMING AS... Contestants compete as their favorite musical superstars. I wonder if anyone will dress up like Michael Jackson?

9:00 FOX THE O.C. Bad boy Ryan becomes a permanent member of the Cohen family, who will quickly realize their horrible mistake.

Wednesday, August 27 8:00 VH1 TOTALLY GAY A peek into the suddenly popular homosexual lifestyle; because if you haven't heard, "gay" is the new "straight."

8:00 HALL THE LOVE BUG--Movie (1968) A Volkswagen somehow gives his racecar driving master herpes.