Thursday, August 28 8:00 MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS Comedian Chris Rock hosts this year's VMAs, which includes a special salute to the "booty."

9:00 FOX TEMPTATION ISLAND Season Premiere! The trashiest of all reality shows returns with three new couples and a score of eligible singles ready to pass on their STDs.

Friday, August 29 8:00 FAM GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE FUN--Movie (1985) Sarah Jessica Parker (pre-Sex in the City, post-Square Pegs) dances it up in this loving rip-off of Cyndi Lauper's hit song.

9:00 ABC LUCY MUST BE TRADED, CHARLIE BROWN A new Peanuts cartoon featuring multiple scenes of Charlie Brown getting his clothes knocked off by line drives.

Saturday, August 30 9:30 COM RENO 911! When Officer Wiegel threatens suicide, the gang swears to stay by her side... that is, until they get bored and leave.

10:30 FX BOOGIE NIGHTS--Movie (1997) A rambunctious tribute to '70s porn starring Burt Reynolds, Marky Mark, and a big rubber penis.

Sunday, August 31 7:00 ABC CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG--Movie (1968) Featuring Dick Van Dyke, flying cars, and villains who "smell" children.

Midnight FX 24 MARATHON Join the indestructible Jack Bauer and his hot, kidnappable daughter Kim for all 24 episodes of this season's 24.

Monday, September 1 8:00 am A&E MI-5 MARATHON Don't miss your chance to catch up on this terrific Limey series that puts a smart spin on the spy genre.

Tuesday, September 2 9:00 FOX THE O.C. Seth is apparently requesting to get his ass beat when he begs Ryan to let him attend a party in the ghetto.

9:00 SPIKE THE JOE SCHMO SHOW Debut! An unknowing contestant joins a fake reality show populated by actors who are in on the joke, in what could be the most hilariously evil show ever!

Wednesday, September 3 9:00 WB ANGEL Faith gets busted out of the slammer with one goal in mind; to break her foot off in Angel's bee-hind.

10:30 COM SOUTH PARK In order to find their dead friend Kenny, the boys attempt to build a ladder to heaven.