THURSDAY, FEB 19 8:00 CBS SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS Tempers really begin to flare when the castaways discover they've eaten the last of the foie gras.

9:00 NBC THE APPRENTICE Donald Trump shows the cast how to make money the easy and fast way: Become a slumlord!

FRIDAY, FEB 20 8:00 TBS SAVE THE LAST DANCE--Movie (2001) A black teen (Sean Patrick Thomas) tries to teach his honky girlfriend (Julia Stiles) how to hiphop dance. The results are embarrassing.

9:00 FOX MAN VS. BEAST II Varmints try to one-up humans in this head-to-head competition. Tonight: A camel races five midgets.

SATURDAY, FEB 21 8:00 ABC CAST AWAY--Movie Tom Hanks washes up on a deserted island where his buddies throw him a big party complete with hookers and a mule. WaitÉ no, that's Bachelor Party.

9:30 COM CHAPPELLE'S SHOW The hee-larious Chappelle re-enacts the life story of "Superfreak" Rick James.

SUNDAY, FEB 22 9:00 WB THE SURREAL LIFE Sally Jesse Raphael hosts a no-holds-barred chat session with the cast!

9:30 FOX ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Michael falls ass over teakettle for his son's sexy high school ethics teacher (Heather Graham)! Rrrrrowrrr!

MONDAY, FEB 23 8:00 ABC THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS--Movie (2001) A cop goes undercover in a street racing gang in this fast and oh-so-deliciously-cheesy action flick.

TUESDAY, FEB 24 8:00 FOX AMERICAN IDOL Eight more contestants perform, giving you eight more opportunities to put your foot through the television screen.

9:00 FOX 24 The police have their hands full tonight with questioning Sherry for the death of Milliken, and Jack for (whoopsy!) killing a witness.

WEDNESDAY, FEB 25 9:00 PBS AMERICAN MASTERS A terrific documentary on the life, times, and music of Judy Garland.

9:00 FOX THE O.C. After a stupid and often annoying relationship, Marissa and Ryan try to start over as "friends."