THURSDAY, APRIL 15 9:00 NBC THE APPRENTICE Season Finale! In this live episode, the Donald awards the winner with a $250,000 dream job--cleaning the poop off his shoes. 9:00 TRAV WORLD POKER TOUR It's another Hollywood Home Game where celebrities play poker, and totally embarrass themselves. Fun!

FRIDAY, APRIL 16 8:00 NBC DATELINE NBC Stone Phillips' hard-hitting investigation into the most important story of recent times--Donald Trump and The Apprentice. 8:00 A&E THE GOOD SON--Movie (1993) Macaulay Culkin stars as a crazy pee-wee sonofabitch out to kill his wimpy visiting cousin (Elijah Wood).

SATURDAY, APRIL 17 8:00 WB WILD THINGS--Movie (1998) Hotsy-totsy teens Neve Campbell and Denise Richards team up with horny guidance counselor Matt Dillon to get away with murder. 9:30 SPIKE MOST EXTREME ELIMINATION Hosts Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship get hot under the collar in this "all-college girl" episode.

SUNDAY, APRIL 18 9:00 ABC ALIAS Vaughn's bosses ask him to spy on his assassin/bitch of a wife. 9:30 FOX ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Michael tells Maeby to always tell the truth, then immediately lies to a police officer. Hypocrisy!

MONDAY, APRIL 19 8:00 NBC FEAR FACTOR The contestants are forced to compete after staying awake for 48 hours in this episode appropriately entitled, "Sleep Deprivation."

TUESDAY, APRIL 20 9:00 FOX 24 The poop hits the fan when one of the guests from the virus-infected hotel ducks out before paying his bill. 10:00 COM CHAPPELLE'S SHOW Don't miss this hee-larious greatest hits episode featuring Chris Rock and 50 Cent.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 21 8:00 WB SMALLVILLE Chloe is given a deadly truth serum and all Clark cares about is his stupid secret identity. JERK! 9:00 FOX THE O.C. Marissa decides to take revenge on her cheatin' mom by filling her shower nozzle up with battery acid.