THURSDAY, MAY 6 9:00 NBC FRIENDS Series Finale! In the final episode ever, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, and Rachel move to different rest homes. 9:00 TVLAND FRIENDS FINALE SPECIAL The TV Land staff watches the Friends finale. And don't miss my special where I watch the TV Land staff watching the Friends finale.

FRIDAY, MAY 7 9:00 WB GROUNDED FOR LIFE Brad breaks Lily's heart when he jumps on the bus to space campÉ with another girl! 9:00 A&E LIVE BY REQUEST 1980s new wave goddess Deborah Harry plays all the hits live in this Blondie special!

SATURDAY, MAY 8 8:00 WB CRIMSON TIDE--Movie (1995) Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman in a tiny, sweaty submarine? Be still my throbbing loins!! 9:00 E! MARY-KATE & ASHLEY How two teenage twins got millions of dollars, and you're still a shampoo boy at Super Cuts.

SUNDAY, MAY 9 8:00 ABC HARRY POTTER & THE SORCERER'S STONE--Movie (2001) A magical nerd is sent to a school of wizardry--but that doesn't make him any less of a nerd. 8:00 CBS SURVIVOR: ALL-STARS Season Finale! Tonight the most powerful All-Star of all will be revealed. (Please, don't let it be Boston Rob! No, please let it be Boston Rob!)

MONDAY, MAY 10 9:00 PBS AMERICAN EXPERIENCE Actress Kathy Bates narrates this special about the history of Tupperware. Hey! If you can find something better to watch, I'd like to hear it!

TUESDAY, MAY 11 9:00 CBS THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW REVISITED The cast of the once hilarious Dick Van Dyke show is forced to reunite, be funny, and try not to break a hip. 10:00 TBS ROCKY III--Movie (1982) Rocky craps his red, white & blue underpants when he goes up against Clubber "I Pity the Fool" Lang!

WEDNESDAY, MAY 12 8:00 WB SMALLVILLE Clark decides to tell Lana his secret, in order to a) get her to stop nagging, and b) get a taste of that sweet booty. 9:00 ABC THE BACHELOR Jesse must face the 23 women he rejected. He will also get to choose between a loaded pistol and a cyanide pill.