THURSDAY, JUNE 3 8:00 WB PEPSI SMASH Musical performances by Outkast and Jessica Simpson--who I never want to see in the same room again. 8:30 NBC COME TO PAPA Debut! Another shitty comedian (Tom Papa) gets his own sitcom based on his shitty comedy act.

FRIDAY, JUNE 4 9:00 OXY GOOD GIRLS DON'T Debut! Two Minnesota twenty-somethings move to Hollywood to make it big. (Hey pimps! Fresh meat on the street!) 9:00 A&E AEROSMITH IN CONCERT A new live concert featuring rock's second-favorite octogenarians.

SATURDAY, JUNE 5 8:00 NBC THE RESTAURANT 2 Season Finale! Get ready for the biggest cliffhanger of all! Will the chef accidentally burn the food critic's pork medallions? 8:00 TOON ASTRO BOY The boy robot battles a really mean combat android that seems intent on hurting Astro Boy's feelings.

SUNDAY, JUNE 6 9:00 HBO THE SOPRANOS Season Finale! Tony's job as mob boss comes under fire when rival Johnny Sack turns up the heat. 9:30 FOX ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT For those who missed it during its first go-around, here's the pilot for the funniest show of the year!

MONDAY, JUNE 7 7:30 COM WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER--Movie (2001) A funny send-up of teen sex romps starring Janeane Garafolo, Paul Rudd, and Bradley Cooper (Will from Alias).

TUESDAY, JUNE 8 8:00 FOX THE JURY Normal everyday people decide the fate of a 15-year-old charged with murder. It's like American Idol for the justice system! 10:00 FX THE SHIELD A hitman gets the very bad idea to take out Vic and the Strike team.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 10 10:00 BRAVO BLOW OUT A new reality series starring a celebrity hair stylist who's trying to start a chic salon in Beverly Hills. Fab! 10:30 COM RENO 911! Season premiere! Don't miss this largely improvised and heee-larious send-up of Cops.