THURSDAY, JUNE 24 9:00 SPIKE MXC This week on the hilarious dubbed Japanese game show, it's the "Baby Product Industry" vs. the "Paranormal." 10:00 COM THE GRAHAM NORTON EFFECT Debut! Limey comic Graham Norton gays it up with guests on his new high-energy talk show.


10:00 ABC 20/20 A peek inside the newest vacation spot for suspected terrorists and detainees, Guantanamo Bay! (Now with shuffleboard.) 10:00 NBC LAS VEGAS The casino craps the bed when visiting action star (Jean-Claude Van Damme) dies during a stunt! AWESOME!

SATURDAY, JUNE 26 8:00 ABC A.I.: ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE--Movie (2001) Steven Spielberg's half-fantastic/half-craptastic retelling of Pinocchio using robots! 8:00 E! TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY In the "Curse of the Poltergeist," we learn how the 1982 horror flick flushed the careers of its cast.

SUNDAY, JUNE 27 8:00 A&E CLEAVAGE A documentary of mankind's fascination with breasts (aka "tits," aka "cans," aka "milk jugs," aka "fun bags"). 9:00 HBO SIX FEET UNDER Outraged by Ruth and George's marriage, Arthur slips over the edge (which admittedly is a very short fall).

MONDAY, JUNE 28 9:00 FOX THE CASINO Though most of the action looks staged in this reality show set in Vegas' Golden NuggetÉ goddammit, I still love it!

TUESDAY, JUNE 29 9:00 TBS OUTBACK JACK A new reality dating show where a bunch of city gals try to impress an Australian "Crocodile Dundee" hunk. Ladies, ladies. Why not a self-esteem class, instead? 10:00 SPIKE THE JOE SCHMO SHOW The cast goes into crisis mode when one of the real contestants begins to smell a rat.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30 9:00 FOX THE SIMPLE LIFE 2 In a shocking turn of events, Nicole pisses off the family she and Paris are staying with. 9:30 FOX METHOD AND RED Two rappers move to a white bread gated community in this weirdly funny remake of The Beverly Hillbillies.