THURSDAY, JULY 29 8:00 DSC THE WORLD'S DEADLIEST SHARK "Shark Week" continues on the Discovery Channel with this profile of the "Bull Shark"--who wants to stick its horns up your scuba diving ass. 8:00 VH1 40 GREATEST REALITY SHOW MOMENTS The best of the best, including that one really romantic moment when the guy on Big Brother pulled a knife on a female contestant.

FRIDAY, JULY 30 8:00 TNT EVEL KNIEVEL--Movie (2004) CSI's George Eads plays the '70's most death defying stuntman. Jamie Pressly plays a slut--again. 8:30 E! DR. 90210 Dr. Kotler has a "whoopsy" moment while giving a patient a chemical peel.

SATURDAY, JULY 31 8:00 TNT ROBBIE KNIEVEL JUMPS USS INTREPID The son of Evel Knievel performs a live motorcycle jump over military planes aboard the USS Intrepid. Sniff! His crippled father will be so proud! 8:30 TOON JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED Debut! A new version of the Justice League cartoon, now with one of the grumpiest heroes, Green Arrow.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 1 8:00 ESPN2 2004 WORLD SERIES OF POKER It's ladies night when the most talented women in poker play each other in Texas Hold 'Em. 10:00 HBO ENTOURAGE Vince attends the premiere of his movie, which means the odds of his pals getting laid just tripled.

MONDAY, AUGUST 2 9:00 FOX THE CASINO Tim opens up a can of whoop-ass when a gambler skips out on paying a million dollar marker!

TUESDAY, AUGUST 3 9:00 CBS BIG BROTHER 5 Okay, I've heard that this season is much better than the rest, so we're going to give it ONE MORE CHANCE. 9:00 UPN THE PLAYER Debut! A new reality show in which self-proclaimed "players" try to tap the ass of a model. HeyÉ don't hate the player, hate the show.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 4 9:00 FOX THE SIMPLE LIFE 2 Paris and Nicole experience the long arm of the law when they take a job in a sheriff's station. 10:30 COM RENO 911! It's another opportunity for the deputies to look like jackasses when a criminal profiler helps out on a case.