THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 18 8:00 FOX THE O.C. Seth tries to prove that the gang doesn't know him as well as they think. So he's going to start acting like a man?

9:00 NBC THE APPRENTICE It's a special "all-ass" episode when the contestants participate in a photo shoot for Levi's jeans.

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 19 8:00 TOON HI HI PUFFY AMI YUMI Debut! Japanese pop sensations Puffy Ami Yumi get their own cartoon. This week: Vampire groupies!

8:00 NBC DATELINE NBC Tonight's topic: "Women and Sexual Pleasure." I hope that guy with the Burt Reynolds moustache is hosting. Rrrowrr.

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20 8:00 TBS THE WIZARD OF OZ--Movie (1939) A movie that documents the lengths some women will go just to get a pair of cute shoes.

8:00 TVLAND BAYWATCH MARATHON! Multiple episodes of the world's most popular (and bounciest!) lifeguards.

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 21 9:00 PBS TOUCHING THE VOID--Movie (2003) An awesome documentary about two Brit climbers who find themselves up shit creek in the Andes Mountains.

9:00 FOX MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS BOSS The contestants are instructed to come up with a cute and adorable mascot for a chemical company.

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22 9:00 FOX THE SWAN Two female cops are given head to toe makeovers. Hey! Now they can go undercover as drag queens!

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 23 9:00 UPN VERONICA MARS When scores from a school "purity" test are publicized, Veronica goes after the cherry-poppin' perpetrator.

9:30 NBC SCRUBS Friends' Matthew Perry has his kidney removed, which should make a ton of money on eBay.

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 24 9:00 PBS REGENCY HOUSE PARTY Don't miss this PBS reality show where modern-day dorks dress up as English dandies! Heeee-larious!

9:00 FOX KELLY, RUBEN & FANTASIA: HOME FOR XMAS Former American Idol winners wail Christmas tunes. (This is your cue to lock up the liquor and gun cabinet.)