THURSDAY, DECEMBER 16 8:00 WB CROSSROADS--Movie (2002) Three gal pals travel the country with a skanky musician. Starring the hilariously awful Britney Spears!

8:00 FOX THE O.C. Face slappin' and sexy situations ensue when the family engages in their annual "Chrismukkah" celebration.

8:00 TOON MR. MAGOO'S CHRISTMAS CAROL Hands down the BEST version of the Charles Dickens classic--starring the cartoon Mr. Magoo!

FRIDAY, DECEMBER 17 8:30 FOX POPEYE'S VOYAGE: THE QUEST FOR PAPPY A computer generated adventure starring Popeye. Score some dope for this one!

9:00 FOX JINGLE BELL ROCK 2004 Avril Lavigne, Jo Jo, and Ashlee Simpson perform the most rockin' X-Mas concert EVER. (Just keep smokin' that dope.)

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18 8:00 MTV END OF 2004 COUNTDOWN Featuring 2004's most popular music videos that MTV can never find time to show.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 19 8:00 WB THE WIZARD OF OZ--Movie (1939) Girl almost dies at the hands of a witch and tornado, and what does she get? A bullshit wizard.

8:30 FOX ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT Michael struggles to rebuild the banana stand after a hooligan dumps it in the bay!

MONDAY, DECEMBER 20 10:00 ABC TV GUIDE 'S GREATEST MOMENTS 2004 Betcha it won't include anybody's scrotum falling out of their shorts.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 21 9:00 FOX HOUSE Dr. House gets fooled by an alcoholic, lying schizophrenic. (Don't feel bad--my mom fooled me, too.)

9:30 COM SOUTH PARK Kyle makes friends with a magical piece of shit in "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo."

WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 22 9:00 FOX NANNY 911 The nannies are up to their necks in trouble with SEVEN hell-raising little girls.

10:00 BRAVO PROJECT RUNWAY Student fashion designers compete to see who's the bitchiest diva of them all!