THURSDAY, JANURARY 6 8:00 CBS WICKEDLY PERFECT Debut! Poofy prissy pants compete to become the new Martha Stewart. Ladies, activate your claws!

8:00 FOX THE O.C. After learning that Lindsay is now part of the Cohen family, Ryan reconsiders boning her.

FRIDAY, JANURARY 7 8:30 WB GROUNDED FOR LIFE In the laziest maneuver ever committed, Sean takes a second job in order to avoid housework.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 8 8:00 CBS THE WILL Debut! A family of yee-haws battle it out to win their dying pappy's ranch.

8:00 NBC BATTLESTAR GALACTICA--Movie (2003) Forty years after their first attack, those bastard Cylons return to kick some human ass.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 9 8:00 FOX 24 Season Premiere! Jack's back, and he ain't takin' no smack when he meets the new boss of CTU!

9:00 ABC DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Edie organizes a search for the dead, and presumably smelly, Mrs. Huber.

MONDAY, JANUARY 10 8:00 FOX 24 It's only hour number three, and Jack has already created a hostage situation! This guy gets more done in a couple of hours than I do in a week!

10:00 A&E CAESARS 24/7 Debut! A new documentary series spotlighting the behind-the-scenes action of the Caesars Palace casino.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 11 8:00 FOX REBEL BILLIONAIRE The two finalists battle it out to see who will become president (and ultimately the destroyer) of Richard Branson's business.

9:00 UPN VERONICA MARS Veronica finds herself in the soup when she's accused of making fake IDs!

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12 8:00 ABC LOST It's another day on the island, which means another castaway is in deadly peril. When's the vacation gonna start?!

9:00 ABC ALIAS To retrieve an NSA code-breaker, Sydney goes undercover dressed as a Quizno's Sub.