THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10 8:00 ABC EXTREME MAKEOVER A death row inmate gets the makeover of his dreams. (Oh, you just WISH I made this stuff up!) 8:00 FOX THE O.C. Sandy tries to dig his way out of the doghouse, while Marissa slides her way into the pussyhouse.

FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 11 6:00 ESPN2 FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS A middleweight bout featuring Laila Ali (Muhammad's daughter) vs. the iron fisted Cassandra Geigger. 10:00 SCI BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Commander Adama hits the roof when Cylon suicide bombers attack the ship.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12 8:00 ABC A CHARLIE BROWN VALENTINE Charlie Brown's attempt to ask a girl to the school dance is thwarted because he's socially inept, bald, and wears the same shirt every day. 8:00 WB THE WEDDING PLANNER--Movie (2001) Hunky, engaged Matthew McConaughey falls under the spell of J.LO's sweet and juicy booty.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13 6:00 14 FAMOUS MYSTERIOUS ACTOR SHOW Debut! Local hee-larious improv comedy group debuts their talk show parody on Comcast channel 14. Special guest star: HUMPY! 8:30 FOX ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT In order to win back Buster, Lucille 2 (Liza Minnelli) plans a hostile takeover of the Bluth company!

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14 9:00 FOX 24 Sexy spy Aisha Tyler heads for the hills when Jack discovers her traitorous shenanigans.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 15 9:00 UPN VERONICA MARS It's daughter vs. dad when Veronica defends a teacher in a school sexual harassment case. 9:00 FOX HOUSE The addicted Dr. House tries to lay off painkillers for a week--which means the hospital will need to be evacuated.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 16 8:00 ABC LOST Sawyer and Kate get all smoochy-woochy while hunting for an annoying wild boar (don't ask). 8:00 WB SMALLVILLE Clark finds a super-powered pooch who takes a super-humpy interest in Lois.