Despite the fact that it stars cute-as-a-button romcom star Sandra Bullock, Premonition so, so wants to be a thriller. You can practically see it straining, with its affected suspension, cheesy musical swells, and an inexplicably complex (yet mind-numbingly dull) plot. And not even the (still) cute Bullock can save it.

Bullock plays Linda, a tidy housefrau who carries about her daily mundane life of driving the kids to school and doing the laundry—until a bad-news bearing cop shows up on her doorstep to tell Linda that her husband died in a car crash. So she's all bummed out and cries herself to sleep... only to awake the next day to find out that (gasp!) he's actually still alive. Was it a nightmare... or a premonition?! In a not-so-shocking twist, it's not really much of either: As not to spoil your Sandy-fueled good time at the theater, I'll just say it's one of the lamest excuses for a plot twist you'll ever hear.

And if that's not enough, director Mennan Yapo insists on stomping all over the audience's intelligence throughout the film—especially during Sandra's "funeral freakout" scene, when her hissy fit manages to launch her husband's casket out of a hearse (!), only to have his decapitated head spill out of the coffin (!!). Yapo also as the nerve to make us watch montages of shit we've already seen. What a monster! To top it all off, Premonition's coup de grâce involves a gnarly explosion (which almost saves the film from complete crapitude), and (wait for it... wait for it...) a vision of hope for the future. Thanks a lot, hack. Sandy, you I can forgive.