Tiny Picture Club: Heroes & Villains
Thurs June 13
Guild Theatre

The Tiny Picture Club, our local collective of Super 8 film freaks, can't stop inundating Portland with offbeat fun. Heroes & Villains is their latest collection of shorts, all revolving around the titular theme. This manifests in hilarious bouts between "Good" and "Evil," in which two guys wear T-shirts that say "good" and "evil" and engage in a juvenile bitch-slap, sweep-the-leg routine in ongoing, non sequitur repetition.

The spectrum holds longer, more involved shorts as well, sometimes displaying an accomplished use of special effects. "Never Trust A Zombie," which opens the collection, employs an impressive barrage of makeup to visually define its zombie. Obviously fake, it evokes associations with classic horror flicks, making its premise even more ticklish. Another, lengthier short involves a girl who invents "monster potion," which she drinks herself, and the shot of her gnawing on someone's face "under the influence" is downright cool.

The twist to this mini-festival is that all the films are silent, and presented with a live band. So, essentially, it is a collection of music videos--campiness you could dance to. In that spirit, the films are silly before serious. It doesn't get old, because every couple of minutes the short gives way to a shorter short that showcases its maker's particular twist on humor. The gems of this collection are minute profiles of characters, followed by the textual query, "Hero or Villain?"

Overall, this mass of shorts is on the puff side, but in the very lovable, best way--one of those things that makes you say, "Hey, those guys seem like fun! I wish I was buddies with them!" Well, get off your butt and start making tiny movies that are kooky and clever, because at the very least, these films are an inspiration to everyone's pet dream.