Hmm. I think that a corn tax levied on agriculture in the US might do wonders for OUR diet...

Though I'm shattered, not even Pringles w/ Sour Cream & Green Onion flavoring is potato-core???
"Snooty British Lawyering"?!???

Bloody cheek.

And the 17.5% tax is called Value Added Tax. Brits are supposed to pay it on luxury items. Which is one of the reasons it's always been a bit controversial that you had to pay it on tampons.
Last night at about 2am I popped open a fresh can of cheddar cheese Pringles, and then sat on my bed in the near-dark eating 3/4 of it. It made me feel gross and guilty. Midway through I wondered about the potato content. And this post sort of complements my ponderings. Thank you.
British smiles are only 42% teeth and they still use them. They should tax that usage though.
At my Jewish day school growing up we were taught to say the blessing over generic food ("blessed...that everything came to be in/by his word") for Pringles instead of the blessing over food that grows out of the ground ("...who creates fruit of the soil") because the crisps were so divorced from their potato origins as to no longer be considered derived of potato.

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