arent food journalists not supposed to do that kind of thing, an integrity kind of thing?. i know. i know. its the merc. but...also sounds really wasteful..i know..i like foie grois...etc..etc...
I think they can go, as long as they admit they're whoring before they talk about the place. And I think Patrick did a great job of making that admission!

In London I used to get taken out to lunch by investment banking firms all the time, and then go back to the office and write about investment. And not disclose any of it. And that was widely accepted as "the way the industry worked."

God, I feel kind of dirty, too, now, come to think of it.
"I'll say those three words again: brown sugar ice cream."

Wow. Those three words look a lot like four words.
Patrick, the fudge you found on the seat of your Mercedes would be the petit fours, not the amuse bouche that was served before you main meal.

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