Cherry Nut Mudslide?

Isn't that like a Cleveland Steamer?
Man, I wish my last name was Webring!!!
I was 2 seconds from inviting myself over to have one till I saw the cherry part.
So there I was stuffing my face with yakisoba when out of the blue Autumn wooshed her way into my cube with cookies.

I am such a sucker for free dessert.

god damn working part-time! i always miss these things.
I had the good fortune, a number of years ago, in that most titilating epoch which we've come to know as the "Reagan decade," to be briefly acquainted with Ms. Webring and her many, shall I say, ribald parlour tricks... I can confirm Mr. Graham's assertion that Ms. Webring's "Cherry Nut Mudslides" are, in fact, the most canonical of coprophiliacal delights, the finest steamers to be seen this side of the metropolis of the western reserve... Many was the occasion, in those heady times, on which Ms. Webring would produce atop my bared torso the most exquisite of digestive extrusions, much to the amazement and delight of the salon... To you most fortunate of dandys in the Mercury lunchroom, I can only say, bon appetit!

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