The last couple of weeks they've been closing early because they don't have lights, and since the sun is going down at 4:30, well, you see where this is going. They've been officially closing at 5, but get there earlier to get the full menu.
Great news. I burnt myself to a crisp last spring when the first one had opened but I've been looking for an excuse to get back on the horse.
That place rules BUT......... the big OTHER menu with all the meat you can imagine would not classify it as an all vegan taco cart. Just an FYI.

On that note..... I have eaten a tofu burrito from that place for 4 straight days. Fucking amazing.
thelastfewdays -

obviously you're confusing this with the original los gorditos on 50th and division. which has separate menus.

los gorditos 2 (SE 8th and ankeny) only has one menu. it's ALL VEGAN and has way more choices than their other location.
the cruzes are awesome! and their food is delicious!
and los gorditos is one of the few places left where you can stuff yourself on amazing food for less than 8 bucks.
What -b said. Sorry if my hurried blogpost was not clear, I was trying to finish it before the glorious food coma kicked in.

Gorditos on Division = lots of meat options (vegan ones too)

Gorditos on Ankeny = totally vegan
"What's a hungry vegan to do?"

Beat the hell out of a cow, start a fire, and wait for pure satisfaction.

Sure would have loved to see it open across the river. . . but 8th & Ankeny is a lot more likely than 50th & Division was. The $5.00 nachos are the best-relative-to-cheapest two-person meal in town (unless you count the $4 biscuits & gravy at Hungry Tiger II).
i wish they would put signs about their hours. i tend to go there when they're closed (and they are supposedly open) and there's never an explanation.

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