Nice interview, PAC. I particularly like "If its worth doing, it's worth doing poorly." Is that a corollary to "don't let the good be the enemy of the perfect"?
Joel is always spot on with this kind of thing and pulls no punches about his opinion. If only the population at large would realize this our world would become a great place again.
Always nice to catch up on someone you went to High School with. Teresa was in my class, and Joel was a year ahead. What the Salatins have done is to be commended.
Linda Green Newman
I had the pleasure to go to Polyface farm this year and I was amazed by what Joel and his family have done! It was really inspirational and my husband and I are planning for have a little farm down on the road.

We took some videos on the Q&A w/ Joel, you may like it:
T. Mendes

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