The Little Red Bike Café [4823 N. Lombard St.] has been a charming culinary force in North Portland since its opening just over two years ago. Since making their first breakfast sandwiches for a soon to be adoring public, owners Ali and Evan have been maintaining a blog on which they mark the progress of their venture (and their lives) through vibrant photography and jocular posts.

Of note is recent entry “If in Fact,” which includes the description of a few intriguing menu items:

Wasabi & Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs
(trio with cilantro, chives, and fish sauce)

"Spaghetti & Meatballs"
(spaghetti squash gratin topped with spicy harissa tomato sauce and Spanish meatballs)

Autumn Punch
(Buffalo Trace bourbon, apple cider, ginger beer, fresh mint)

If these sound to you like something off a dinner menu, you’re right on the money. The proposed "soft opening" for dinner service at Little Red Bike Cafe will happen in early November, according to comments from Ali and Evan on the same post. Get ready.