I'm really sad that you didn't include the Taco Bell Cantina Tacos on your taco map.
Yeah, but Taco Bells are everywhere. I'm sure people will be able to track them down. That pl,ace doesn't need any help from me.

But I do understand how you might want it to be included, for sentimental reasons. Trust me when I tell you it is forever seared on the map of my heart.
Yay! The taco map will help me find that place out on 102nd. But, what I really want to know is who's got the best FISH tacos in town??? Your palette's perspective will be much appreciated!
Chopollo is, sadly, absent. They make the best tacos.
I would urge you (or your sure-to-be-inferior replacement) to visit Bora Bora, out at 158th/Division. Best grilled chicken I've ever had, and a pretty incredible menu to boot.
TACO MAP YAYYY!!!! Thank you. I will put this on my mePhone for drunk taco times.

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