Thanks for this - I'm always freaked out about the overall health of the people in food media - overall, we're not your most svelte bunch. It's about balance, and a sense of humor, and some pretty gritty realizations. You rock.
Exercising to lose weight is very tough - takes tons of effort to burn just a few calories. The only true weight to lose weight is to not eat - and drink - as much. Which is nearly impossible I would think if that's your job.
your (ex)job is made harder by the compounding issue that once you eat all that food, you have to sit on your (ever expanding)ass and write about it. I do not envy that position. Like G.C. said, if all you do is run on a treadmill for 45min 3x a week, you will never see meaningful weight loss from that alone. Now, ramp that up to about 35miles a week and we can talk.

On a side note, you are getting fucking old, you're married, and you have a baby on the way. You're life is motherfucking over. Stop Whining about your extra chin, and start whining about you existence as a walking wallet and shit-cleaner-upper. Cheers!
I work in IT, sit on my ass at least 8 hours a day, and managed to lose quite a bit of weight this summer/fall while still eating out at least 1 meal a day. (22 pounds as of this morning) Exercise isn't difficult to do. My simple formula came down to:

- 2 hours of exercise (walking or biking) 6 days a week. Make it a priority over everything. Walk during your lunches and commute to work.

- 700 calories a meal (for men, 550-650 for women.) If you eat out, roughly attempt to eat what would fit entirely in your two hands. 2100 calories a day was a goal for me. If I went over I just "reset" and aimed for 2100 calories the next day, I never attempted to "undershoot" and eat less than 2100 to make up for it.

I used a website that allows you to count and track calories and energy expenditure, not going to spam them, there are at least 20+ of them + apps though.
Just a suggestion: Maybe you'd like to try something like Bikram yoga. It really helped my bad knees and I can now run without pain. Also, I lost 20lbs without making any changes to my diet. (Studio at NE 49th & Fremont has a free class this Saturday at 10:30).
Have you tried the sweaty Vinyasa yoga Patrick? I was incredibly faithful to it in SF and that combined with walking the dog every day made me lose about 25 lbs FAST.

I gained it all back moving to Portland but that has more to do with some crazy meds I've been on that I just finally kicked.

Check out Gary Taube's book 'Good Calories, Bad Calories'. Fat is not the problem, it's the excess of carbohydrates in the Western diet. There's one case study in the book that mentions an extremely obese man eating 7000 fat calories per day and still losing weight because he wasn't eating carbs. We gain weight because of the excess of insulin in our bloodstreams caused by carbohydrates. He also mentions the Western mindset of eating low fat (AKA : starving) and how that backfires every time and we gain more weight in the long run.

So, you can get the Pine Street biscuit, just take it easy on the biscuit.
To hell with the weight gain; how did you (and your dignity) survive on $100/week?
@ PAC (and anyone else): I stopped drinking beer and eating bread about two months back, and dropped 15 without doing a single thing differently, exercise-wise, so I'll back up the carbs thing from Jody. I've been making Old Fashioneds at home ever since, and haven't looked back.

Random things, since we're oversharing:
1) Try to make every restaurant meal two meals. Added benefit of saving money.
2) I've been weighing myself daily for about a decade now. Making it a ritual keeps it on your mind.
3) Biking to work as often as possible, 30 min brisk walk with dog daily.
4) While I'm not expecting you (or anyone else) to switch, I was never able to truly discipline myself effectively around food (or beer) until I went veg. Again, that's just me: now it's ridiculously easy to do so, and I'm kicking myself for not doing it earlier.
5) Rice cakes + peanut or almond butter.

This week, I weigh less than I have at any point since starting high school, and I have plenty of energy. CONCLUSION: ME RULE.
Whatevs. Life is short, and carbohydrates are delicious. Portion control FTW.
I don't understand any of this? Fuck, I couldn't gain 20 pounds if you paid me to.
Exercising to lose weight is not very tough. Diet is everyone's achilles heel. Portion control helps, eating breakfast every day helps. No, eating breakfast every day is essential. If not, you gorge yourself later in the day as your metabolism starts to slow down. Cut down on the booze, cut the fiberless white flour products.

I can help you, PAC! This is my fleld. Message me. I have suggestions and can help with your knee, too.
Breastfeeding burns 600-700 calories a day. You can always give that a shot.

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