Yesterday I promised free tickets to Michael Pollan's sold out talk to whichever readers could send me the grossest photos of food they had consumed over the past year.

There were a bunch of good entries (Southern Turducken Christmas, anyone?) but I chose the winners based on pure vomit-inducingness. The pictures are gross, so they're below the cut.

Anyone else who wants to go see Pollan in person, there's definitely going to be some rush tickets at the door of his lecture at University of Portland's Food for Thought conference. So... rush!

Reader Minna's Beef Heart Casserole:

We chipped up an old, dessicated beef heart that had been crock-potted and left to wither in the fridge for a couple weeks in the food processor; threw those dry chips into a cream of mushroom soup-and-rice casserole; and finally doused the whole thing in badly aged red table wine. The casserole came out mauve. We had to eat it in dim lighting because of the unappetizing textures/colors/vaguely evil aura.

And reader Brandon Sharp's entry:

This is Balut. It's a fertilized chicken or duck egg (chicken here) that is boiled and traditionally eaten with a spicy vinegar sauce (Sriracha here). I regret eating it because it is by far the most foul and bizarre thing I've had; and at this level of ingestion you can not deny that what you are eating was most definitely an animal.