Just in time for our move out of this neighborhood (thanks, God!), the Green Castle food cart pod (at 20th and NE Everett) has opened up just down the street from the Merc's earthly offices. Ned, Courtney and I trudged over there for lunch today, and were not displeased by the results! Check out some quick 'n' dirty reviews after the jump—and be sure to share your opinion as well!



Of the six or seven carts currently taking up residence at the Green Castle, the Viking Soul Food cart and Cackalack's Hot Chicken Shack are the one's stirring up the most interest. Court and Ned tried a couple offerings from both, and here's what Ms. Ferguson had to say:

The chicken and dumplings (from Crackalack) were peppery, thick, and delish. It was a nice stomach filler, after my too-small, but very good Viking Soul Food wrap... salmon lefkajdkajd, or something?

It's called "LEFSE," you idiot. It's a delicious potato flatbread that I admit I wouldn't have known about myself if I hadn't been in a doomed long-term relationship with a 'wegian. Now Ned's thoughts:

I tried a couple of Viking Soul Food's lefse wraps. I'd never tried lefse before, and the wraps were both great: the smoked salmon and dill was creamy and full of flavor, and the meatball one was hearty and tangy. The wraps were two for $8, but they were both pretty slender. You might want to think about three if you're really hungry.
The spicy fried chicken from Cackalacks was similarly great: A big slab of breast meat in crunchy, spicy batter, sitting on a piece of Texas toast. The mild was plenty hot. I can't wait to go back and try their sandwiches and dumplings.

As for my lunch, I usually try to avoid anything "foreign"—that includes my home state of Alabama. So I passed on lefse and chicken and went straight to the hot dog stand. (There are TWO such establishments in the Green Castle, but only Bailey's Gourmet Hot Dogs was open—so it wins by default!) Bailey's has your usual range of dog preparation—including God's favorite method of dressing a hot dog, which is of course, "Chicago Style"—but I decided to slip through the back door of the menu and try their Philly Cheese Steak sandwich.


The verdict? NOT BAD. A nice fluffy roll that adequately sucked up the juices carried a pile of crispy-edged beef bits ladled with cheese, peppers and onions. I may have preferred more meat—shock—but this cheese steak was a solid, non-embarrassing entry. Plus it comes with not-too-garlicky garlic fries that left my mouth extra kissable, I think.

[Programming Note: There is outdoor and INDOOR seating, thanks to a tent and a trailer on the Green Castle grounds. I didn't want to eat my lunch in the trailer because I'm in a bitchy mood, and Ned always looks at me funny when we're in small, enclosed places. (Remember the time we rode the Alpine Roller Coaster together at Enchanted Forest, Ned? Yeah, I bet you do.)]

There are other carts in Green Castle yet to be reviewed, and we'll send someone over to check 'em out soon enough. Until then, if you've already formed your smarty-pants opinion, we'd enjoy reading it in the comments. HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT LUNCH!