Allison Jones over at Portland Monthly is reporting that East Burnside pizza joint Sizzle Pie will be opening a second location in the corner storefront—across from Powell's—that used to house Rocco's.
The new location will feature sidewalk seating, a full bar, and even more creative pies, including an expanded brunch menu (think spicy pulled pork “omelet” pie, and an a.m. vegan option with seitan chorizo, creamy white bean and shallot spread all topped with fresh cilantro). =

Good news! I hadn't eaten Rocco's Pizza since like 1997, so I can't say I'll miss 'em, but having an accessible, kinda-funky, tourist-friendly pizza joint on that corner makes good sense. (And yes, Portland Monthly, suburban tweens need SOMEWHERE to go.) Sizzle Pie has solid pizza and their weekend brunch special—a slice and a boozy drink for $6—is a pretty good deal. ("Pretty good" because the Bloody Mary I had came in a teeny cup that looked nothing like the picture, and the promised espresso stout is actually something like an 8 oz pour. Pretty good!)