It's raining good ramen news this week. I've been anticipating the opening of Wafu since early spring, the new Chef Trent Pierce (Fin) and ChefStable (Ping, Grüner, St Jack, Foster Burger) joint at 3113 SE Division, after a run-in with Pierce filled my head with visions of non-porky ramen varieties and Japanese small plates in my neighborhood. And tonight is finally the night: Wafu opens at 5, with regular hours of Tuesday to Sunday, 5pm-midnight (yes, late night-ish!). Here's a teaser of the menu:

Ceviche of mahi mahi, tomato, corn, calabrian chili, cilantro, and mint
Snapper in hot stone bowl with pickled carrot, sesame kale, shiitake, daikon, egg, and rice
Grilled konyaku noodle with clam, miso, bacon lardon, and mitsuba
Mu shu pancake with gokujan black butter pork belly, ginger, scallion, and pickled shiitake
Wafu ramen with sweet corn, scallion, kamaboko, smoked schmaltz (add pork belly, slow poached egg, smoked chicken thigh, red dragon sauce)

And cocktails:

Remind Me (vodka, peach, elderflower, tonic), Supreme (american apple brandy, lime, orgeat, grenadine), and Stockholm Cocktail (cognac, scotch, port, grenadine, cherry). Wafu will also serve both beer and sake on draft.