If Portlanders felt a little jealousy at the news that Andy Ricker was taking Pok Pok to New York, they can take a breath and feel a little more secure in the relationship. Ricker has announced plans for another restaurant on Division, this time using the model of Thai Raan Khao Kaengs, shops that specialize in curry over rice.

We have just acquired the space that currently is occupied by Kappaya Restaurant at 3384 SE Division Street. We will be assuming the lease as of October 1st. Terry and Nory, two excellent guys, will be moving on to greener pastures. We wish them the best of luck in future endeavors and will miss their ramen and laid back and low key presence in the neighborhood for the last decade +. After an undetermined period of time, during which we will re-kit the space to our needs, we will be opening a new casual restaurant there based on something called “raan khao kaeng” in Thai: basically a curry-on-rice house featuring dishes such as Kaeng Som (spicy southern Thai style), Kaeng Naw Mai Dong, Kaeng Kiaw Waan Kai, Kaeng Om Neua, Kaeng Kati Tap Neua and maybe even some standards such as Kaeng Phet Pet Yaang, using our duck oven to roast the ducks. Also, a dedicated Khanom Jiin station offering 3 or 4 different sauces to top the noodles with. Should be fun! Again, opening date is undetermined.

The press release also announced that Pok Pok's NE outpost will resume lunch service on weekends. Starting Saturday, new hours are 11:30am-midnight on Saturday and Sunday, 5pm-midnight Monday-Friday.