Food and Drink Oct 24, 2011 at 11:44 am


Maybe when they're fully open, then can host a launching-soft-taco party?
Used to love Las Casita! I think they changed owners and went downhill fast. I don't know, because I stopped going.

Many fond memories of eating (grilled, not deep fried) fish tacos there at 3am after DJ gigs, drunk girls hitting the floor, inoculating myself against a hangover with a fix of protein and horchata.

Hopefully, this'll be similar.
Having grown up outside of Portland, I typically refuse to buy tacos from white people. Don't think I'll be breaking that rule, especially considering the ironic sea otter tshirt.
I left my favorite jacket at La Casita in like 1999 and I'm still sorta not over it.
When I first moved here I frequented La Casita far too often. Sad that it got so horrible so fast.

(I also once found a woman's jacket there. It's mine now.)
Good luck to these guys, I work around the corner and have seen that place switch hands lots of time. Not sure why I would think there is an exception for this place...
@ezra: No need to explain your closet full of women's clothing. It's a free country, we're all open-minded people.
I can't wait until Robo Taco opens. I will eat there all the time. I went for an opening party and the food was FABULOUS!
Fobdos Loves RoBo TaCo!

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