The Northwest Film Center's Northwest Filmmakers' Festival is right around the corner—the kickoff party is on November 11th at the Art Museum. It was a good year for Northwest Film, and the festival includes some really great features from the region, like How to Die in Oregon, The Wanteds, and How the Fire Fell, all of which should make you proud to live here. And that's just scratching the surface—peep the full schedule of films and related events here.

In the meantime, the Film Center has joined forces with the pizza makers/art evangelists Lonesome's Pizza to feature Northwest filmmakers on the insides of their pizza boxes all through the month of November, including a best-of DVD from last year's festival's shorts program taped onto the lid:


This particular pie is the Swayze vs. Himself and a Bowie Knife, but you can choose from many other film-related items on the Lonesome's menu, like Burt Reynolds & the girl who stole my CD collection vs. a pride of badgers, Lou Ferrigno vs. a shark with throwing stars for teeth, John Stamos vs. the entire Comanche nation, and so on.