Northeast Alberta's oldest coffee shop is shutting its doors after 13 years on the street: The Star-E Rose announced today that a combination of business and personal issues are leading them to close down.

The location will stay a coffeeshop—it's been sold to the people who run Anna Bannana's in St. Johns and Northwest—however, anyone who's ever walked by Star-E Rose and had to step over customers sprawled out playing banjos or spotted one of its patrons or literally hanging from the tree outside knows that the coffeeshop has a whole community of its own.

For several years, the cafe got a lot of its color from its insane neighbor Clown House and after the clowns got booted from living on Alberta, Star-E Rose was still somewhat of a haven for the folks who didn't fit in on the street's sleeker establishments. It's last hurrah is scheduled for next Tuesday night, January 31st, but "arts, music, and moments of spontaneity lasting all week, come by and pay your respects" will last all week, says Star-E Rose "employee and participant" Hollie Sundin.

The cafe will be closed for about six weeks for renovations before becoming an Anna Bannana's location.