"Anna Bannanas," not "Anna Bananas."
Anna Bann is terrible, but so is this place. So I don't think we're losing anything on the trade. We’re just swapping one horrible dive with bad coffee for another; though arguably Anna Bann has microwavable vegan food.
Star-e Rose had some of the worst service in Portland. I used to live a block away, and really wanted it to be my coffee house, but after being treated to indifferent staff and pretty poor coffee a number of times, I chose to take my money to Townshend's tea...which is 1000's times better. Glad it is stay a local coffee shop, but I will not miss it!
I don't know, fruityass. I have been a loyal AB's customer for ten years and they have some damn good coffee. The food isn't bad...they source from local bakeries and such. It's arguable that microwaving might make vegan food actually taste better, no? Regardless, Anna's will bring a flavor all its own...Alberta might dig it. I hope so.
I will sorely miss the Star E. Rose. Thank you for holding space for the not-so-hipsters, for opening your walls to local artists, for affordable vittles, and for the down-to-earth vibe.
I think the owner of AB just figured out how to use the internet. Twice.
I trend towards my Supportland-steeped brews anyway...
It's its! It's its! "Its last hurrah." Sorry, but, well, uh, I mean, really, I mean, we can do this, right?
Even though they served awful Schlobos coffee, it is a shame that the star e rose is over. What a great place! And what, no mention of Magnus J's role in keeping last thursday rolling? Or of free donuts, free coffee, and construction jobs on hiliariously disfunctional projects for the 'vagabonds'?

To me, this is just another sign of Portland becoming more and more of a playground for yuppies and trust fund kids and less of a place where real humans live and work. Alberta street these days is just really, really gross.
That is too bad. It's a great jam venue and a real community center. I hope AB's keeps up the chill vibe.
since when is anna bannanas a playground for yuppies and trust fund kids? f-ing haters, y'all are.
As someone who has been going to Star E Rose since it opened, I'd like to say that it was a place of unaffected, unpretentious hospitality largely sustained by genuine affection for its patrons and its support of people from all walks of life, not just the ones with money. Sure the art was not always great and the decor a bit shabby, but the quiche, coffee and relaxed, convivial atmosphere made all of that irrelevant. My husband and I will miss this place a great deal, even mourn its passing, as it was a remnant of the old Alberta where money didn't rule everything.
I visit Portland from Australia each year. Johnny D's jam on Tuesday nights was always a highlight, I was made welcome and met some real cats. Star E Rose welcomed all.

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