Aack! The best OMSI Science Pub is happening tonight at the Bagdad—it's the chocolate meets lust edition, just in time for hearts 'n' farts day. Go fill your brain with science and your gaping maw with dark, dark chocolate (to be safe you might bring your own sweet treats—no word on if there'll be samplin's).

Fill in the information holes, trusty press release:

OMSI Science Pub: Lust, Chocolate and Prairie Voles: The Neuroscience of Pleasure and Love

Is the brain chemistry behind our love for chocolate equivalent to that which drives infatuation with a new lover, the love of a particular song, or addiction? How does the brain sort out pleasure and discomfort? What drives our decisions to stay with one person for life or go from one lover to another, never settling down? This pre-Valentine's Day Science Pub will focus on these and other questions that reveal much about how neurochemical changes can have major effects on our behaviors—how we love, what we love, and who we love.

Tonight at the Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne
7 pm, $5, all ages