This one's for the broke, the bummed, and or/the chronically underprepared: Charming Old Town cocktail bar Central has teamed up with House Spirits to provide some last-minute Valentine's Day salvation to one lucky Blogtown reader. Central is offering dinner for two at their Loveless Valentine's Day Dinner—wine/cocktail pairings included.

VALENTINE'S DAY IS SAVED! Maybe. All you have to do to win: Leave a suitably heart-warming (or devastatingly bitter, I don't really care) explanation for why you and your partner/lover/friend of choice could really use a fancy Valentine's Day night on the town*. 21+ only need apply; make sure there's a functional email address attached to your Blogtown account, so I can reach you if you win; I'll pick one lucky winner at winner at 5 pm on Monday.

I'm posting the menu after the jump. You can also buy your way into this amazing-sounding dinner—it's $55 per person for the prix fixe dinner, plus $35 for cocktail or wine pairings. (And if you can afford to do so, please don't enter this contest, ya jerk. Let's let somebody broke have something nice for a change.)

*I will ban the first person who uses the words "capitalist holiday" in the comments, I swear to god I will.


Choose one food option from each course. For added pairings, you may choose either the wine or cocktail listed for each pairing. Vegetarian options are also available.


food: parsnip soup, apple-hazelnut chutney

wine: la petite perriere, sauvignon blanc 2010 or choose

cocktail: loveless: rose & pepper infused volstead vodka, aperol, dolin blanc, absinthe

food: gascon garbure stew, garlic croute, parmesan reggiano

wine: domaine de gournier, grenache 2010 or choose

cocktail: trident: krogstad aquavit, cynar, sherry, peach bitters


food: arugula, beet, cara cara & blood orange, manchego

wine: cave de lugny, macon villages chardonnay 2009 or choose

cocktail: loveless: rose & pepper infused volstead vodka, aperol, dolin blanc, absinthe

food: duck confit, dijon, frisee, mulled pear

wine: casalone, barbera monferrato 2008 or choose

cocktail - maiden oregon: krogstad aquavit, apple brandy, doug fir, orange—cardamom, lemon


food: venison osso bucco, polenta, swiss chard, gremolata

wine: tre donne, barola 2004 or choose

cocktail: martini: aviation gin, dolin dry, lemon twist

food: petrale sole, cabbage, mushroom, cream

wine: la rote, vemaccia di san gimignano 2010 or choose

cocktail: house spirits perfect white dog manhattan


pot de cream, honey poached orange. wine pairing: pazen, spatlese riesling 2008

olive oil cake, meyer lemon sorbet. wine pairing: tre donne, nioscato d’asti 2010