Hey Blogtown—if you haven't been haggling for your vitamins with veggie vendors at any of the several farmer's markets present on any given day of the week, here's a little of what you're missing. Berry season is waning but still present, peaches are getting better every day, and these colorful gems have popped up over the past week or two and make local and healthy choices easy—and gorgeous. Go support your local farmers. We're ridiculously lucky and relatively unique in having a community that makes produce like this available to us all summer.

Purple Bell Peppers at the Monday Market Downtown
  • Clare Gordon
  • Purple Bell Peppers at the Monday Market Downtown

Check out the Portland Farmer's Market's Website for a complete schedule of markets around town. There might be one going on around the corner from you right now!

More colorful produce pics after the jump.

Purple Green Beans at the Wednesday Market

Squash Blossoms at the Saturday Farmers Market