Why would anyone eat at a strip club? Are you really gonna be there for five hours? Eat something before you go.
Unless, of course, dancers eating your nachos turns you on (hey, is that why Grandma called them "chippies"?).
Of course you have to eat at a strip club. If I just drink mid-range cognac in the VIP lounge for five hours and don't eat anything, I'm eventually going to get drunk, and that's simply discourteous.

So, nachos.
I've often wondered whether any of the dancers are holdovers from the owner's previous pirate-themed vegan restaurant. ????
Also, are there signs anywhere indicating that the food is all vegan? Or is it just in tiny type on the menu? I have a mental picture of hormone-addled patrons wondering why their food tastes so odd.
"Titties and Tater Tots don't mix." - Chris Rock
Boobs = Food. Duh.

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