Tasty n Sons is one of those Portland culinary destinations that is soooo beloved people will wait in line for hours for it, so here's some good news for those of us who hate waiting in line: This morning chef John Gorham officially announced the pending arrival of a second, west side location at the corner of SW Alder & 12th called Tasy n Alder. In addition to importing some of the N Williams location's favored brunch items—Shakshuka Red Pepper & Tomato Stew with Baked Eggs, North African Sausage with Over Easy Egg, Couscous & Cauliflower—dinner service at Tasty II is said to be influenced by Gorham's German grandfather. “We want to do steaks, chops, and meats," he says of the menu. "I have very fond memories of eating steak and drinking German beer while visiting him in Washington D.C. during my summers. Tasty n Alder’s steakhouse influence combined with a German beer program is a shout-out to my grandfather and a way to show his influence on me as a chef.”

This may eventually split the line enough that a Tasty brunch won't dictate the entire schedule of one's day (and don't forget the west side will also present issues of paid parking), but I'm guessing not anytime soon. The restaurant is scheduled to open in early 2013, so you may want to stake out a place in line, like, now.