no need for a city or statewide plan: i guarantee a porcelain-hugging sick day (or two) to anyone who ingests one of those hellish-looking 'Reggie' sandwiches pictured at the top of the post.

(i can't guarantee whether or not you will be paid for said sick days(s), but, i assure you, you won't care -- you'll be plenty happy enough just to have purged that edible satan out of your body.)
I agree with this proposal, don't get me wrong. But since when has support for a measure been judged on how "tasty" the supporters' food is? Please. These restaurants may be trendy but they have like, what, 100 employees when you put them all together? If you're going to mention Arby's and In-N-Out in the same breath, please tell me why it matters that these small players' support is anything more than just a feel-good exercise. I would imagine there are much more well-heeled, big-time players in the restaurant world that have a lot more muscle.

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