Oh god, I really love Portland sometimes.
Love as in you love Portland for the mockery and derision that our local governments' actions often call out for, right?
I used to buy from "the tamale lady" (I know, there's more than one) but then I got sick, and I haven't since.
'The health department is waiving substantial licensing and inspection fees for 10-12 vendors over the summer'

Explicit, intentional discrimination.
Yeah D -- like those brown people selling the tamales have never been discriminated against.
I just can't enjoy a good tamale if there isn't a good chance that I could get a foodborne illness. The county is infringing upon my liberty to eat delicious, yet sketchy street food. Nanny state run amok, imo.
This is only a test, people. They're making it for 10-12 to see if the results lower the amount of ilnesses due to improperly stored tamales. It's pretty common. However, if this works, I'm sure that you'll see the implementation of something much more reasonable, permanent and productive. It's about keeping people safe. Isn't that worth the effort?
Enforce regulations on vendors about temperature, cleanliness, yes that's a worthy and valid government function. Subsidize business owners with free stuff and tax / fee breaks, no, that's not a worthy government function, whether its a farmer, Solopower, Lockheed Martin, or a guy or gal in the neighborhood. But it's okay, I guess, it's free federal government money. That stuff is unlimited.
@Babygorilla I think it's in the Constitution somewhere that the government *must* subsidize brown-skinned ladies selling tamales.

It's also a bit of a false equivalency to compare the county spending $1,200 on a dozen food vendors to the millions that go to "farmer, Solopower, and Lockheed Martin."

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