Remedy Wine Bar, which sits on a quiet corner on NW Everett, has a secret—as well as a distinct wine list it does very good food. The regular menu is generally small plates and charcuterie but they also offer a weekly flight and bite, which lets chef Ingrid Chen indulge in more imaginative fare.

The flight I tasted consisted of three ‘funky old world reds’ from Bordeaux, Provence and the Italian region of Brunello di Montalcino—these are all fruit-driven wines with plenty of character. Fortunately they were paired with an equally hearty dish: A wine-braised beef short rib on a potato and celery root purée with roasted heirloom carrots. The short rib was excellent, succulent, rich in flavor and it fell apart with a nudge from the fork. The purée had the comforting, warm flavors of late fall and the carrots were expertly done with a lovely burnt crisp end (the secret, the chef revealed, was the toss the carrots in oil, get a pan really hot in the oven and then add the carrots for 15 minutes or so). The wines were a great match, especially the Chateaux Pradeaux from Provence which had tasted too austere on its own.

It wasn’t cheap: The wine flight was $25, but it did include premium wines from $80-odd bottles; the bite was $15 but as the portion was enough for a whole dinner it was actually reasonably priced (prices for the offer vary, but are usually lower). This week the (all-in-one) dish is a chicken pot pie, filled with wine-braised chicken, fall vegetables and wild mushrooms, which is paired with a local Pinot and two wines from the Alpine region of Europe (available until Tuesday for $30). Remedy Wine Bar, 733 NW Everett